Consultancy work is a double-edged sword for a researcher and academic: On the one hand, it provides for the rare moments when research becomes directly relevant in practice and research results may indeed change aspects of our world. On the other hand, clients may have a clear idea of the expected outcome of their commission, which constitutes a challenge for the independence of the research and for the satisfaction of the customer.

I embrace and quite like this challenge of navigating between expectations, obligations and research freedom in the interest of happy customers, solid findings and a high level of relevance of the commissioned findings.

In addition, my studies and research are to a large extent funded by the public. I therefore consider it also part of my duties to engage in consultancy work in order to reach out beyond the purely academic world and to contribute my expertise to solving or moving ahead with questions relevant to a larger public.

I have little time at hand and am lucky to be regularly busy with consultancy work in any case. The decision to formally set up this consultancy is based on my curiosity – I am happy to extend my network and to consider new or different clients and research requests.